Augmented Approach for Ed-Fi Section Model Enhancements

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Exploring alternative definitions for the Ed-Fi Section model, focusing on addressing issues arising from new instructional models like multiple course offerings per section and flexible student participation. The recommended approach involves augmenting the Course Transcript to provide a more flexible and comprehensive reporting structure, allowing for better tracking of student progress and teacher assignments.

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  1. Section Redux Version 7 Alternative or expanded definitions of Ed-Fi Section

  2. Current Ed-Fi Section Model The current Ed-Fi model is very section-centric Based on an assumption of one course/course offering per section Students and staff were enrolled/assigned to a section for a single period of time Section also encompasses the scheduling aspect of time (periods) and place (location) Location is optional to support online instruction Section combines the aspects: Scheduling students and teachers for instriction in a course offering The students attempt (with grades and credits) for a course offering with a responsible teacher

  3. The current Section Model

  4. Issues due to new models of instruction Multiple course offerings per section (Credit Recovery example): A section may provide instruction for one or more course offerings by different teachers to specific students Need to track responsible teacher(s) by course offering by student. Related use cases Students may take a course (online, remote facility) without having a physical Section assigned for it Self-paced instruction (online or otherwise) Online instruction may occur in combination with a classroom portion Similar issue with Programs Programs are being defined to a myriad of non-instructional requirements for graduation Section may be associated with multiple Programs and students may not participate in all Programs

  5. Recommended approach Augmented Course Transcript

  6. Augmented course transcript approach For reporting, what is desired: A section where the student attended A course code A course outcome, with credits earned and possibly a grade A responsible teacher Rather than change the section model, augment the CourseTranscript Optional Section reference collection Could reference multiple sections where a student has multiple sections for the same course (Use case may be diminished as State Course Codes are refined) Optional ResponsibleTeacherStaff reference Approach could work with a single credit recovery section or with those sections broken out Same approach could be used for Programs, where certain students only participate in select program(s) Optional Program reference collection

  7. Augmented CourseTranscript Handbook Model Property UML Datatype Reference JSON Datatype object Other Identity Cardinality Definition Course MetaEd DSL Datatype: DomainEntityProperty MetaEd DSL Datatype: DescriptorProperty MetaEd DSL Datatype: DomainEntityProperty MetaEd DSL Datatype: DomainEntityProperty MetaEd DSL Datatype: DomainEntityProperty MetaEd DSL Datatype: DomainEntityProperty Yes required The course recorded in the course transcript entry. CourseAttemptResult Reference object Yes required The result from the student's attempt to take the course. Link to the student's academic record for a semester/school year. The section(s) associated with the course transcript StudentAcademicRecord Reference object Yes required NEW Section Reference object No optional collection optional NEW ResponsibleTeacherStaff Reference object No The staff member that is the responsible teacher for the student completing the course. The program(s) that the student participated in the context of the course. NEW Program Reference object No optional collection Can alternatively (instead or in addition) put the Program reference collection in the StudentSectionAssociation CourseTranscript reference to StudentSectionAssociation (instead of Section reference)

  8. Augmented course transcript approach Pros Non-breaking change Provides traceability from Sections to the CourseTranscript that would be useful in several situations Can bring clarity for a course that spans multiple sections (e.g., instruction plus lab) and for course offerings that map to a generic course code (e.g., board approved course ) Can clarify responsible teacher in a variety of use cases where it is specific to student(s) Cons SIS still needs to record the section- responsible teachers in some fashion


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