How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Dangerous Situations

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Discover essential active threat survival tactics from Dr. Mike Monroe Kiefer. Learn mindset readiness, situational awareness, and safety tips for various scenarios.

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How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Dangerous Situations

PowerPoint presentation about 'How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Dangerous Situations'. This presentation describes the topic on Discover essential active threat survival tactics from Dr. Mike Monroe Kiefer. Learn mindset readiness, situational awareness, and safety tips for various scenarios.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Dangerous Situations Dr. Mike Monroe Kiefer Watch my free safety videos at 1

  2. Where does this information come from? My Background B.S. Genetic Engineering M.S. Genetic Engineering Ph.D. Behavioral Psychology 8 Year Research Project Studying Active Threat Incidents in the U.S. What went right? What went wrong? What can you do different? Authored Book on Active Threat Survival 2

  3. Research and Book Published in 2018 3

  4. Attended Training by Phil Chalmers World Expert on Mass Shooters 4

  5. Class Outline Learning Mindset Active threat causes Run, Hide, Fight Methodology Situational awareness outside of work Safety tips- vehicle, home, in public, kids 5

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  8. This training is designed for average people and students Not law enforcement or military Presents actions average people are capable of 8

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  12. Actual Realistic Styled Drills Have Been Stopped in schools in Almost All States Across The Country Several early drills did not go well Students accidentally got shot Many kids were traumatized 12

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  15. Active Threat Incidents are on the rise and at new locations all over the country! 15

  16. Active Threats Have Expanded Well Beyond Schools and Workplaces Car Jackings Road Rage Fast Food Places Restaurants, Bars and Coffee Shops Airplanes, Airports Shopping Malls, Nightclubs Grocery and Department Stores Parks, Theaters, Subways, Parking Lots 16

  17. General Active Threat Assailant Mindset Usually differs from Mass Shooters who are detailed planners General Assailants Usually Snap decision maker- triggered by someone or something Food order wrong, late, car driving too slow, lane cut-off, masks, vaccine status, politics, money, drugs, food Person s actions, facial expression, finger, sarcastic joke, embarrasses the person . Disciplined at work, bullied, terminated 17

  18. Most People Are Already Stressed Out and On-Edge About Something and Can Be Easily Triggered Not that they will become an active threat necessarily, but may more easily loose their temper, control and be upset Airline travel examples- flight attendant attacks, cancelled flights, delayed flights- normal people are now more easily triggered- road ragers My example- Cancun Mexico trip 18

  19. Sobe aware and alert to this in your behavior toward others and your situational awareness Rock Concert Frenzy Door Buster Sales Protests School Board Meetings Spectator Sports Large Gatherings can go Mob and Wolf Out ! Drugs, Alcohol, Meds SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AND VENTING!!! 19

  20. Mass Active Shooter Mindset and Research Usually differs from snap, triggered assailant More thoughtful detailed planners 20

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  24. U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and FBI Developed- Run, Hide, Fight Methodology 24

  25. Actions You Can Take- Also Shelter in Place 25

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  27. RUN-(CRAWL?) 27

  28. Review Your response needs to be immediate! Don t have a meeting and question shots fired Don t pull fire alarm Be moving- moving targets are hard to hit Don t scream- identifies location- hunting Yell for help and instruct others when fighting assailant or they will do what? Don t Open Doors immediately if they say police open up wait for sirens, etc. 28

  29. Doors? How does the door open to my office or areas I frequent, in or out? Is there a door? Inward opening best for securing, barricading! 29

  30. HIDE- Shelter in Place Is there an area or room that you can barricade yourself inside? How can you secure the door? What can you use as barricade materials? Is there a way out? NEVER stay behind the door! Many active shooters shoot at closed doors, especially if they can t get in! Where is the Safest place in a Room? 30

  31. RUN-HIDE Tips Belts can be used to hold doors shut, sit to the side of door. Look for a weapon scissors, stapler, fire extinguisher, hammer, paperweight, metal pen, heavy object? What can be used as a SHIELD? Metal desks, etc. Lights out, cover windows, phone on silent Is there another way out of the secure room? Are ALL doors barricaded? 31

  32. Hide- Timed Thought Drill and Room Analysis How long to get to a secure room- walking ? Door open in or out? Lockable? Barricade materials? Can I move them? Time to build barricade? Alternate way out of room? Windows hard to break! Improvised weapons available? Shield materials available? 32

  33. Barricade Tips Make it fast! Try to do it in a drill! Stand tables on end in front of door, support with other furniture, make high barricade Lay furniture with wheels on their side See if you can move barricade materials beforehand Barricade all doors, cover windows Sit with weapon ready to fight if door breached, phone for help? 33

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  36. RUN-HIDE Tips As soon as you hear shots- take action! Seconds count! Incidents 30 sec to 5 Minutes total Further from gunman, better chances of survival You can crawl too! Believe you will survive! 36

  37. Review- RUN, HIDE Act as soon as you hear gunshots!!!! You have options- decide to run or hide- If running don t stop! Keep Moving even when outside- sniper! When hiding lock door, build barricade, cover windows, stay away from door, shield yourself, get a weapon, is there another way out, phone silenced 37

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  41. Spray and Run! Or you gas yourself! Sabre Foam 10 feet? Gas, Gel, Foam? 41

  42. Building Security- Cameras! Secured Entry Shooters usually enter front the door! 42

  43. Signs and Posters- This is NOT the best! 43

  44. These Are Better! 44

  45. Workplace Training Posters in Break Rooms 45

  46. What about grocery store, restaurant, other stores, coffee shop, sports events? Be alert to your surroundings! Entryway, exits! 46

  47. Carjacking-Mugging Prevention Park near lights Have valuables out of sight Don t be alone walking to car Check interior of car for strangers Park close to where you are going Have keys or pepper spray or a weapon in hand or handy- Not a gun in hand!!! -Be aware of the Witching Hour - After Midnight crime escalates dramatically! - Be alert to surroundings, noises, NOT on your phone walking 47

  48. Kids Safety Tips Monitor social media posts- correspondence- groups- games Have them report to you other s posts Be sure they have a cell phone, 3 reasons, CCT Shielded bullet proof backpack plate Don t bully anyone in person or on social media! Be Calm 48

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  50. Home Safety Barking dog is NUMBER ONE!!! Cameras is number two- ring door-bell and more cameras Security Signage that says- video surveillance Things out of sight and locked up Window treatments! Neighborhood watch 50

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