Understanding Indonesia Tourism News through Systemic Functional Linguistics

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Analyzing the transitivity process in Indonesia tourism news using SFL to explore how language is used, focusing on e-VOA impact.

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Understanding Indonesia Tourism News through Systemic Functional Linguistics

PowerPoint presentation about 'Understanding Indonesia Tourism News through Systemic Functional Linguistics'. This presentation describes the topic on Analyzing the transitivity process in Indonesia tourism news using SFL to explore how language is used, focusing on e-VOA impact.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. Ideational Meaning of Indonesia Tourism News Ideational Meaning of Indonesia Tourism News in in Wonderful Indonesia: Wonderful Indonesia: A Perspective of Systemic Functional A Perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics Linguistics Veronika Listi Ferdini Damopolii Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna Universitas Padjadjaran

  2. RESEARCH BACKGROUND Text analysis One of the metafunctions of meaning is the transitivity function (by Halliday and Matthiessen , 2004)

  3. RESEARCH BACKGROUND The interpretation of transitivity process has a specific FUNCTIONS. The writers examined functions by looking at participants, types of transitivity process, and circumstances to support the interpretation.

  4. Literature Review Rabbani, et. al (2021) said that Transitivity Process recognizes ideational meaning is represented on the process, participants, and circumstances, which are the main elements to the process. Halliday (2004) and Xiang (2022) mention that there are six different types of transitivity processes: material, mental, verbal, relational, behavioral, and existential processes. The writers examine transitivity process and also the dominant process in the tourism news in Wonderful Indonesia that is "Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) Launched to Facilitate the Entry Process of Tourists to Indonesia."

  5. Method This linguistic research focuses on analyzing Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) as a functional semantic approach to explore how people use language in different contexts (Schleppegrell, 2013). The method for analyzing this research is descriptive analysis where the types of processes, participants and context will be explained and the function or purpose of the transitivity process in the clauses in tourism news in Wonderful Indonesia as Indonesia tourism news website.

  6. Result and discussion The material process is the dominant process and it is followed by relational process. The transitivity process will be analyzed to identify the meaning and functions.

  7. Result and discussion Material Process Data 1 After launching the Second Home Visa and Immigratio n on (IoS) program Cir: time previously Indonesia launched another program to ease travelers entry process namely Visa on Arrival (e- VOA). Electronic Shipping Participant : Actor Process: Material Participant : Goal Circumstance Data 2 The program was officially launched on the G20 Summit in Bali November 10 in support of Participant: Actor Process : Material Circumstance: Time

  8. Result and discussion Material Process Data 3 The application for the e-VOA can be made before departure or during transit Goal Process : Material Circumstance: time Data 4 You can visit this page to gather more details about registration, application fee, validity allowed purposes, etc. Circumstance e-VOA period, Actor Process: Material Goal Data 5 Moreover two other programs to improve the convenience of travelers who visit Indonesia Goal have implemented also been by the government. Conjunction Material Process Actor

  9. Result and discussion Material Process Data 7 The Second Home Visa and Immigration allows foreigners to stay for 5 to 10 years and carry out various activities including the ones that could prosperthe locals Circumstance Participant: Actor Process : Material Participant: Goal Data 8 Meanwhile, the Shipping (IoS) Participant: Actor Immigration on provides a faster entry process for foreign tourists Participant : Goal who through a cruise ship. visit Indonesia Conj Process : material Data 9 Keep out an eye` any Indonesia's tourism news about and discover many more trip ideas by following our social media channels Instagram @wonderfu lindonesia,Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia ,Twitter @wonderfuli d, TikTok @wonderfulid , and at Indonesia. on Youtube Wonderful Process Material Goal conj Material Process Goal Circumstance

  10. Result and discussion Relational Process Data 10 foreign travelers will be more eager to set foot in Indonesia Carrier Relational Process Attributive: Intensive Attribute Data 11 The application for the e-VOA can be made before departure or during transit Goal Process : Material Circumstances: time as it is online Adjunct Carrier Relational Process Attributive: Circumstansial Attribute Data 12 According to Letter of the General of Immigration No. IMI-0794.GR.01.01 concerning the Policy regarding Visit Visa Services, Visit Visa on Arrival Services, and Free Visit Visa Sustainable Tourism the Covid-19 Pandemic, as of 1 December 2022 Circumstances the Circular Directorate at 16 airports, 91 seaports, as well as 6 immigration across Indonesia the e-VOA program is available cross-border checkpoints of 2022 Immigration Electronic to Support during Carrier Relational Process Attributive Attribute Circ : Loc, time

  11. Result and discussion Relational Process Data 13 Below are the airports, seaports, and cross-border immigration checkpoints Value Token Relational Process Identifying: Intensive Data 14 The program is currently accessible to foreign nationals from 86 countries Circ Carrier Relational Process Attributive: Attribute Data 15 foreign travelers will be eager to set foot in Indonesia Carrier Relational Process Attributive: Attribute Circ

  12. Result and discussion Mental Process Data 16 The government hopes that travelers will be more eager to set foot in Indonesia with e-VOA, foreign Senser Mental Process Phenomenon

  13. Conclusion There are 3 types of transitivity processes used by the Wonderful Indonesia tourism news, most of which show material processes with 9 data representing doing something as a way of expressing the idea that a physical entity, that is Indonesia,which is doing something, that is launching e-Visa. Apart from that, the second most used transitivity process is the relational process, consits of 6 data, which show the establishment of an identity and assigns a quality that is more sophisticated than e-VOA and other programs that support the accessibility of tourism going to Indonesia. Meanwhile, the mental process that is least used in tourism news about e-VOA shows positive hope and enthusiasm, and expectations for tourists who will be more enthusiastic about enjoying tourist attractions in Indonesia.

  14. Conclusion The function shown from the relational process of the data above is to 1) promote actively new program,Visa (e-VOA). 2) to show Indonesia's professionalism in formalizing programs that make tourists safe and comfortable. 3) to provide safety and comfort for potential tourists to come to Indonesia. 4) to make e- VOA easier because it can be done anywhere and anytime. 5) to instruct and provide information easier for tourists. 6) to show maturity and facilitates access for foreign tourists . 7) to invite tourists to apply for visas and immigration to travel to Indonesia.

  15. Conclusion 8) to offer convenience and comfort in accessing faster entry into Indonesia. 9) to invite tourists to explore Indonesia tourism by checking in media social. 10) to convince and guarantee that foreign travelers are brave and safe on their travels in Indonesia. 11) to represent the availability of the e--VOA program as an easy Visa access program and has spread in many countries. 12) to establish an identity that is related to the e-VOA program. 13) to provide information about how easy this e-VOA can be used and accessed by tourists from abroad in many countries. 14) to express enthusiasm in the future that foreign travelers will also be enthusiastic about Indonesia. 15) to show the government's hope that with the convenience of e-Voa, tourists will dare to travel to Indonesia.

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