NSW Department of Education Disability Standards Training Overview

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The NSW Department of Education has made disability standards training mandatory for Principals, Directors of Educational Leadership (DELs), and school executive staff to meet legal obligations and drive culture change. The training covers core content on Disability Standards for Education 2005 and how it applies to various aspects of a student's educational experience. It must be completed once every three years and is available online through MyPL. Completion by the beginning of 2021 is required for the leadership cohort.

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  1. NSW Department of Education Disability Standards for Education

  2. NSW Department of Education Recommendation 29 of the Parliamentary Inquiry into students with a disability or special needs in New South Wales schools proposed that disability standards training be made mandatory for Principals. The NSW Government accepted this recommendation.

  3. NSW Department of Education The department has gone beyond this recommendation and extended this to include: 1. Directors, Educational Leadership (DELs) Directors, Educational Leadership (DELs) - as leaders of school principals 2. School executive staff School executive staff - to ensure those most likely to be relieving and acting in the principal role complete this training - to recognise the important role of a range of school leaders in meeting legal obligations and culture change.

  4. NSW Department of Education When does the training need to be completed? DELs, Principals, and school executive staff will undertake the leaders version of this training once in every three year period. This leadership cohort will be required to have completed the training by the beginning of 2021. Recognised prior learning will be noted within MyPL for staff who have completed this training since 1 June 2018.

  5. NSW Department of Education What content does the training cover? Part 1 Core content essential to understanding the Disability Standards for Education 2005 (the Standards). Lesson 1 The Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Standards for Education Lesson 2 Provisions of the Disability Standards for Education Lesson 3 Standards for Curriculum Development/Making adjustments Part 2 Explores how the Standards apply across different aspects of a student's educational experience. Explores how the Standards apply across different aspects of a student's educational experience. Lesson 4 Standards for enrolment Lesson 5 Standards for participation Lesson 6 Standards for curriculum development, accreditation and delivery Lesson 7 Standards for student support services Lesson 8 Standards for harassment and victimisation 5

  6. NSW Department of Education How is the training completed? Disability Standards in Education, Education Leaders MyPL course code: RG10974 The training is accessed online through MyPL and takes up to 4.5 hours to complete. The training is structured in a way that allows users to log in and out of the training as required without any loss of data, as progress will be recorded and saved automatically. If you exit the webpage, you can return and resume the course. The training is free and accredited through NESA for maintenance of teacher registration at Proficient level. 6

  7. NSW Department of Education Can other staff complete the training? While currently only mandated for DELs, Principals and School executive staff, Disability Standards for Education training is available and highly recommended for all staff. Education Assistants Course Code: RG11487 RG11487 Early Childhood (prior to school) Course Code: RG11483 RG11483 Early Childhood (school) Course Code: RG11484 RG11484 Primary Schools Course Code: RG11488 RG11488 Junior Secondary Course Code: RG11489 RG11489 Senior Secondary Course Code: RG11490 RG11490 Education Leaders Course Code: RG10974 RG10974

  8. NSW Department of Education As a manager, how do I monitor compliance? All DELs, Principals and School executive staff will be automatically enrolled into this training by the MyPL team As a manager you are be able to login to MyPL to view the current completion status for all of your staff Managers may download compliance reports as detailed below: login to MyPL via the link provided in your DoE Staff Portal select "View My Dashboard" menu item at the top of the page select the "Reporting" tab at the top of the page click on the report you wish to generate (Disability Standards for Education, Education Leaders). 8

  9. NSW Department of Education Further information and resources are available on the Disability, Learning and Disability, Learning and Support website Support website..