Mastering Presentation Skills for Effective Communication

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Enhance your presentation skills with guidance on organization, preparation, and delivery. Learn about peer editing techniques, feedback strategies, and final presentation guidelines. Practice peer review to strengthen your drafts for clarity and coherence. Remember to adhere to time limits and engage your audience effectively.

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Mastering Presentation Skills for Effective Communication

PowerPoint presentation about 'Mastering Presentation Skills for Effective Communication'. This presentation describes the topic on Enhance your presentation skills with guidance on organization, preparation, and delivery. Learn about peer editing techniques, feedback strategies, and final presentation guidelines. Practice peer review to strengthen your drafts for clarity and coherence. Remember to adhere to time limits and engage your audience effectively.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. E11 Lecture 19: Presentation Skills Profs. David Money Harris & Sarah Harris Fall 2011

  2. E11 Reminders Next week: Lectures: No Lecture Tues, Engineering Outlook Thurs In Lab: 10 minute presentations (submit presentation to section instructor by 8am day of lab section as .ppt or .pptx) peer editing (each team brings 2 copies of final report) Final report submission! Email electronic copy of final report (.doc or .docx) to section instructor by end of lab section. 2

  3. Overview Peer Editing E11 Final Presentation Guidelines Technical Presentations Organization and Preparation Slides Delivery 3

  4. Peer Editing Purpose Peer Editing Strategies 4

  5. Purpose Feedback High-level: organization, flow, tone, completeness, readability Low-level: grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. 5

  6. Peer Review Strategies Overview: read the paper through once - take some notes as you go Second read Check if it is clear, concise, complete (robot design, game playing algorithm, robot performance, lessons learned) Overall organization topic sentence for each paragraph? words/sentences simple, clear, concise, complete? (no ambiguous statements!) flow: transition sentences? ideas connected? no chronologies! setup: introduction gives clear overview of rest of the document? figures/tables: existing ones effective? cited in text? what additional figures/tables would enable clarity? low-level: spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistent tone/verb tense? 6

  7. Peer Review Strategies List at least two things that are particularly strong about draft. List at least two specific suggestions for changes you d like to see in next draft. 7

  8. E11 Final Presentation 10-minute limit This is harder than you think! You must practice to make sure you fall under the limit. 8 minutes presentation, 2 minutes questions Your audience is literally your audience: Your classmates already know about base bot and game rules, so don t waste precious time describing these! 8

  9. E11 Final Presentation Template: You must use the PowerPoint template posted on the E11 website Presentations must be emailed to your section instructor by 8am the day of your presentation (.ppt or .pptx). Your presentation should describe novel features in your vehicle, including: The algorithm you used Any interesting issues in the software implementation, and Any modifications to the stock chassis, sensors, actuators, etc. Your presentation should be clear, lively, and interesting! 9

  10. Technical Presentations What is the purpose of creative presentations (e.g. poetry reading, stand-up comedy)? To entertain What is the purpose of technical presentations? To inform and/or to persuade What are the major goals of technical presentations? Clarity Accuracy 10

  11. Consider Audience, Purpose, and Occasion Occasion: Format Formality Politics and Ethics Process and Deadline Audience: Who they are What they know Why they will read watch How will they read watch Purpose: To inform To persuade 11

  12. Your audience will assess: 1. Content The information contained in the presentation. 2. Delivery (Style) The way information is presented, including structure, spoken language, illustration. 3. Form The appearance of the information, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, font and font size, and slide template. 12

  13. Organization and Preparation Begin with the end in mind: What is the purpose of your talk? What message should the audience take away? Keep it simple and concise: What three things should the audience remember from your talk? Outline your content before preparing slides: But don t hesitate to rearrange your presentation if you discover it doesn t flow well during rehearsal! 13

  14. Delivery: Slides Minimize text Add useful figures Use animation only for a purpose (not just for fun!) Make sure tables and charts are legible 14

  15. Delivery: Speech and Affect Rehearse! Edit slides while rehearsing (or after each round of rehearsal) Improve flow (know what is coming next) Speak efficiently, confidently Emphasize the important points For example, by making voice louder By pausing after important points Look at the audience Do not read off slides 15

  16. Some other tips Don t rush emphasize important points. Avoid apologizing for a presentation s shortcomings press on. Leave time for Q & A. 16

  17. Have Fun! Find your own style Enjoy presenting all your hard / creative / ingenious work! 17

  18. Chilean Exports Fresh fruit leads Chile's export mix - Chile emerges as major supplier of fresh fruit to world market due to ample natural resources, consumer demand for fresh fruit during winter season in U.S. and Europe, and incentives in agricultural policies of Chilean government, encouraging trend toward diversification of exports and development of nontraditional crops - U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service Report Chile is among the developing economies taking advantage of these trends, pursuing a free market economy. This has allowed for diversification through the expansion of fruit production for export, especially to the U.S. and Western Europe. Chile has successfully diversified its agricultural sector to the extent that it is now a major fruit exporting nation. Many countries view Chile's diversification of agriculture as a model to be followed. Meanwhile, the U.S. remains the largest single market for Chile's fruit exports. However, increasing demand from the EC and Central and East European countries combined may eventually surpass exports to the U.S., spurring further growth in Chile's exports. If you ve read this far, your eyes probably hurt and you ve been reading this tedious long-winded text instead of listening to me. I m insulted- can t you see I m doing a presentation up here? Look at me! Congratulations, however, on having such good eyesight. the following slides are from www.elmhurst,edu 18

  19. Too Much Text, and Font too small Don t put large blocks of text in your presentation. Emphasize the main points. Use pictures- PowerPoint is multimedia! Use a large font at least 30-point or more. 19

  20. Beginner Motorcycles My personal favorite: the Suzuki Savage Light weight (~380lbs) Adequate power (650cc engine) Low seat height fits most riders 20

  21. Bad Color Choices Avoid loud, garish colors dark text on light background is best. Avoid text colors that fade into background, i.e. blue and black Avoid color-blind combinations: Red and green Blue and yellow 21

  22. 22

  23. Overwhelming Pictures Use pictures, but don t let them use you. Keep slides SIMPLE! Too much diverts audience away from content. Too many pictures also make saving a presentation difficult. 1 or 2 pictures per slide is probably enough. 23

  24. Racquetball Fundamentals 2, 3, or 4 players. 1 player serves, other returns. Only serving player can score. Served ball must land past serving line and cannot hit back wall. Ball can only bounce once before striking front wall but ball does not have to bounce. 24

  25. Using too much Slide Animation Again, keep slides simple! Apply one Slide Transition style and one Animation Scheme to ALL slides. Don t change between styles- a single style makes a presentation look unified. Busy presentations divert audience attention from content. 25

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