Understanding Endowments: Building Sustainable Support for Nonprofits

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Explore the world of endowment funds with a focus on sustainable support for nonprofits. Discover the importance of endowments from donors and nonprofit perspectives, learn ways to build and grow endowments, and discuss effective communication strategies. Delve into types of agency partner funds, donor endowments, and the long-term benefits of endowments for both nonprofits and donors.

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  1. Endowments: Endowments: Long Long- -term, term, Sustainable Sustainable Support Support

  2. Welcome! Housekeeping: Refreshments Wifi Network: Password: Restrooms Break at 10:00 Recording & Resources Education session format

  3. Welcome! Panelists: Panelists: Gloria Galanes, Faculty Emeritus, Missouri State University Jaimie Trussell, CEO, Council of Churches of the Ozarks Michelle Reynolds, Director of Development, Three Rivers Endowment Trust

  4. Objectives for today Objectives for today Learn what an endowment fund is and the importance from donors and nonprofit s perspectives Learn ways to build and grow an endowment Discuss how to communicate the importance of endowments Discuss how and when to establish and endowment fund Discuss ways the CFO team can help nonprofits and donors with conversations about legacy giving

  5. What is an Endowment? What is an Endowment? Types of Agency Partner Funds Types of Agency Partner Endowments (e.g., unrestricted, restricted, quasi-endowments) How to determine which type of endowment is best for your nonprofit

  6. Donor Endowments Donor Endowments Donor Options, Experience and Perspective Types of endowments for donors (designated, field of interest, endowed donor advised fund, unrestricted, scholarship).

  7. One Gift, Many Generations One Gift, Many Generations Year 5 Year 5 $15,883 in cumulative grants $115,142 balance Year 15 Year 15 $55,228 in cumulative grants $152,650 balance Year 25 Year 25 $107,389 in cumulative grants $202,378 balance Year 1 Year 1 $100,000 gift Assumes 7.15% average annual return, 1.15% administrative fee, 4% annual pay-out rate

  8. The Benefits of Endowments The Benefits of Endowments Benefits and importance of endowments for nonprofits Donor benefits: leaving a legacy, providing support for your favorite nonprofit after you are gone, excellent tool for tax planning and for estate planning.

  9. Building and Growing an Endowment Building and Growing an Endowment Fund Fund Strategies for building and growing an endowment fund Tips for engaging donors and stakeholders How to measure success and track progress How does a nonprofit have a conversation with donors about contributing to an existing endowment or starting a new endowment to benefit its mission?

  10. Communicating the Importance of Communicating the Importance of Endowments Endowments How to effectively communicate the importance of endowments to donors and stakeholders Marketing and promoting your endowment fund Donors - the "why" of every donor is different

  11. Establishing an Endowment Fund Establishing an Endowment Fund Preparation steps to consider Steps for establishing an endowment fund Legal and financial considerations How to create a plan for ongoing management and growth Donors - Why and when does a donor establish an endowment?

  12. Additional Resources Additional Resources CFO Endowment Information CFO Endowment Information Endowment Resource Handout Endowment Resource Handout (links to endowment toolkit, sample policies, checklists) Tip sheets & Templates: Tip sheets & Templates: Building and growing and endowment Communicating the importance of an endowment Marketing and promotion of an endowment campaign Organization Endowment Campaign template Endowment campaign - social and email templates Action Plan Template

  13. Conclusion Conclusion What are your top takeaways? What would you like to learn more about? What other resources would you like to see?

  14. How can CFO help donors and nonprofits How can CFO help donors and nonprofits with these conversations? with these conversations? Caitlin Golike, Director of Donor Services Caitlin Golike, Director of Donor Services Donor Contact cgolike@cfozarks.org Holly Beadle, Director of Philanthropic Services Holly Beadle, Director of Philanthropic Services Nonprofit Contact hbeadle@cfozarks.org Winter Kinne, VP of Development Winter Kinne, VP of Development, wkinne@cfozarks.org 417 417- -864 864- -6199 6199


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