23-24 Fine Arts Education Act Application

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The Fine Arts Education Act application. Learn how to make the best use of your FAEA funds and get updates on background information. Ask questions and receive guidance from experts.

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23-24 Fine Arts Education Act Application

PowerPoint presentation about '23-24 Fine Arts Education Act Application'. This presentation describes the topic on The Fine Arts Education Act application. Learn how to make the best use of your FAEA funds and get updates on background information. Ask questions and receive guidance from experts.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. 23-24 Fine Arts Education Act Application Support Session Community of Practice (COP) Lorraine Archibald Humanities Specialist Severo Martinez Director Literacy and Humanities Bureau Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

  2. Virtual Norms - Please change your name on Zoom to include: Name, Preferred Pronouns, School/District/ Organization, Role ex. Draco Malfoy, he/him, Hogwarts, Student (To change your name, click on the three dots on the right side of your picture, and select change your name) - If your Wi-Fi allows, please leave your camera on but stay muted unless prompted to participate - Please use the chat box to ask questions, we will answer questions as we go and there will be a Q and A at the end Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

  3. Disclaimer This presentation contains examples and resource materials that are provided for the user s convenience. The inclusion of any material is not intended to reflect its importance, nor is it intended to endorse any views expressed, or products or services. These materials may contain the views and recommendations of the presenter as well as hypertext links, contact addresses and websites to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations. The opinions expressed in any of these materials do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED). The NMPED does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any outside information included in these materials. Mentions of specific programs or products in these examples are designed to provide clearer understanding and are not meant as endorsements.1 1Language adopted from the U.S. Department of Education 3 Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

  4. Community Norms Respectfully contribute your ideas Focus on what matters Ask thoughtful and clarifying questions Listen to understand Link and connect ideas Invite all perspectives Recognize and suspend assumptions Participate fully and be present 4 Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

  5. lorraine.archibald1@ped.state.nm.us Today s Agenda Welcome/Norms FAEA background information and updates Application how-to Making best use of your FAEA funds Questions 5 Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

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  8. FAEA Background Information Fine Arts Education Act (FAEA), 22-15D NMSA 1978 Encourages school districts and charter schools to offer elementary schools the opportunity to participate in fine arts activities, including visual arts, music, theater, and dance. PED s core mission within arts education is to: promote equity, excellence, inclusion, education and diversity in and through the arts, humanities, and integrated into literacy, math and sciences, and foster a rich cultural life for all New Mexicans, and boost learning and achievement The Vision for FAEA: Equity and culture elevates the quality of life in all our communities and drives arts education growth across the creative economy. These programs are inclusive and equitable, and embrace diversity; these programs empower a new generation through creative youth development and education. 8 Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

  9. FAEA Funding Basics FAEA funding flows through the State Equalization Guarantee (SEG)-Monthly The number of fine arts education program units is determined by multiplying the full-time-equivalent MEM in programs implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Fine Arts Education Act by the cost differential factor. FAEA funding calculation: 80/120 day average (for existing programs) or 40 day average (for new programs) x 0.05 x the unit value for the upcoming school year $5,522.50 Program settings for 6th grade: PED recently worked to define that all K-6 arts programs at a New Mexico school district or charter school are eligible for FAEA funding. 6th grade will be funded regardless of setting K-6 elementary school, K-8 school, or 6th grade at a 6-8 middle school. 9

  10. FAEA Updates HB -199 There is a bill within the current legislation session that increases the cost differential factor, which has not been increased since 2006. For a big district like APS with >80K students it means over $1 million increase For medium district like Santa Fe with >10K students it means about $150,000 increase. For small districts like Clayton it means about $5,000 increase. 10

  11. Application How To Application and accompanying forms can be found under FAEA https://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/bureaus/literacy- humanities/humanities 11 Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

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  13. Download documents, edit, save and upload in the application Section 4 Accompanying forms Optional: FAEA schools being served form 23-24 (for districts that have 5 or more school sites requesting funding) Required- FAEA form assurance 23-24 District authorized charter schools- district superintendent should sign State authorized- school site leader may sign 13

  14. Where to upload the accompanying forms 14

  15. Application Tips: Give yourself time to get required signatures for assurance form before deadline. Consider writing the responses to Pedagogy section in a separate document first You will receive a copy of your response and you will be able to EDIT your response in case you have changes or if you do not finish all at once, but you must hit submit in order to receive access to your response to edit *caveat* you will have to fill in some text of all required questions/upload forms in order to submit/save. You can use space fillers if you need to return later. New program? New grade? Talk to your assigned budget analyst 15

  16. Purpose-From Rule A. The purpose of the Fine Arts Education Act is to encourage school districts and state-chartered charter schools to offer opportunities for elementary school students to participate in fine arts activities, including visual arts, music, theater and dance. B. Participation in fine arts programs encourages cognitive and affective development by: (1) focusing on a variety of learning styles and engaging students who might otherwise fail; (2) training students in complex thinking and learning; (3) helping students to devise creative solutions for problems; (4) providing students new challenges; and (5) diverse cultures teaching students how to work cooperatively with others and to understand and value Chapter 22, Article 15D NMSA 1978 16

  17. Best Practices-From Rule Program plan and evaluation. A. A school district or charter school may prepare and submit to the department a fine arts education program plan in accordance with guidelines issued by the department. B. At a minimum, the plan shall include the fine arts education programs being taught, the ways in which the fine arts are being integrated into the curriculum and an evaluation component. C. At yearly intervals, the school district or charter school, the department and a parent advisory committee from the school district or charter school shall review the goals and priorities of the plan and make appropriate recommendations to the secretary Fine arts education programs; eligibility for state financial support. A. To be eligible for state financial support, a fine arts education program shall: (1) provide for the educational needs of students in the areas of visual arts, music, theater or dance; (2) integrate the fine arts into the curriculum; (3) use certified school instructors to supervise those who are teaching the program if those persons do not hold valid teaching licenses in one or more of the disciplines included in fine arts education; and 17 (4) require background checks Chapter 22, Article 15D NMSA 1978

  18. How funds are being used A 2013 report found that, the most common uses of funds described in application proposals were for smaller classes, longer class periods, additional planning time, more training opportunities. Educators stated they would like to see an increase in contact time with students, more planning time, more professional development, and more state resources and support. New Mexico Fine Arts and Education Act Program Plan and Evaluation-Year 10, 2013 The 23-24 application submissions reflect creative uses of program funds including: purchasing diverse instruments, expand programs to include ceramics/kilns, film/media arts, support the integration of theatre, dance, and visual arts into other content areas, purchase of digital art software, purchase of materials to help meet the core arts standards, support for special learning experiences, organizing to host PD, purchase technological specialty supplies to integrate coding and art, etc 18

  19. Examples of Integration Geometry of motion (dance, film, and choreography) Theatre, set construction and screenplays of SS topics Environmental/Biology studies through mixed media Civics participation and photography Traditional art practices through NM History (adobe building, jewelry making, ceramics, storytelling, traditional music) 19

  20. Resources Report about middle and high school Education-Arts-Education-In-Public-Middle-And- High-Schools-survey-report-2017.pdf (nmfirst.org) FAEA Year 10 report New Mexico Fine Arts Education Act | Americans for the Arts Statute New Mexico Statutes 1978 | Article 15D - FINE ARTS EDUCATION | Casetext New Mexico core arts standards New-Mexico-Core-Arts-Standards.pdf (state.nm.us) 20

  21. Would you like your arts program to be highlighted?! We are seeking programs that would like to be highlighted for their amazing art programs and initiatives that are supported by FAEA. We would love to visit your site, see what students are learning and creating, and understand more about your struggles and successes. If you would like your district/school cite to participate, please state that you are interested in the chat or send an email anytime to let us know. severo.martinez@ped.nm.gov lorraine.archibald@ped.nm.gov 21

  22. Questions? Please feel free to raise your hand or type questions into the chatbox. Anything that can t be answered will receive a follow up response. Thank you! 22

  23. Survey Please provide feedback for today s CoP See the link in the chat box 23 Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

  24. Upcoming PD I will be presenting a workshop Chicanx and Latinx Art Curriculum and Integration K-12 March 30th @ 2:30 24

  25. Closing Please complete the survey. The link is provided in the chat box. If you have any FAEA Application related questions, please reach out to: Lorraine Archibald: Humanities Specialist Lorraine.archibald@ped.nm.gov Severo Martinez: Literacy and Humanities Bureau Director Visit our webpage: NMPED Literacy and Humanities Thank you! We look forward to our next CoP! Investing for tomorrow, delivering today.

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