Belper Hockey Club Nailers Matchday Programme - Belper v Beeston 2

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Welcome to the official matchday programme of Belper Hockey Club's first home league game of the season! Enjoy the game and join us for our club social afterwards. Hear from our head coach, Sally Keegan, as she reflects on her transition from player to coach.

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Belper Hockey Club Nailers Matchday Programme - Belper v Beeston 2

PowerPoint presentation about 'Belper Hockey Club Nailers Matchday Programme - Belper v Beeston 2'. This presentation describes the topic on Welcome to the official matchday programme of Belper Hockey Club's first home league game of the season! Enjoy the game and join us for our club social afterwards. Hear from our head coach, Sally Keegan, as she reflects on her transition from player to coach.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. THE OFFICIAL MATCHDAY PROGRAMME OF BELPER H0CKEY CLUB NAILERS 01 01 ISSUE ISSUE Belper v Belper v Beeston 2 Beeston 2 Beeston Saturday 30th September 2023 2pm Start at Belper Meadows

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  3. MARIANNE DAMMER WE ARE PLEASED TO WELCOME BEESTON 2 S, THE MATCH OFFICIALS AND ANY SUPPORTERS TO BELPER MEADOWS SPORTS CLUB. A huge welcome back to everyone for the first home league game of the season for Belper Ladies 1st team. I hope you ve been able to relax and enjoy the summer hockey break (although this does feel a long time ago now!) and are feeling hockey (fitness) ready with the start of the season now in full swing for all teams. Both Beeston 2 s and Belper 1 s had a very similar start to the season with getting back into the swing things. Both teams had away matches: Beeston played away at Doncaster (2-0) and Belper played away at Repton. (2-0). With it being only the second match this Saturday; it s all to play for! We are pleased to welcome you to the clubhouse including the use of all our lovely facilities: #the-bar-is-open! Hopefully the weather will hold out this weekend, a great opportunity to have a drink inside or on the balcony overlooking the pitch and enjoy the match. Please note this Saturday: 30th September we ll be hosting our first club social of the season. We ll be celebrating the opening of the new bar with beer now available on tap (please drink responsibly )! There will be a quiz and more please arrive at 6.30pm for a 7pm start don t forget to wear something silly on your head! We are of course very grateful to all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers who help us to play in National League, especially after the last challenging years for sport and the whole community. If you are interested in sponsoring opportunities, please email Wishing you all an enjoyable match today!

  4. HEAD COACH SALLY KEEGAN This week Head Coach Sally Keegan reflects on making the transition from National League player to coach, why more players should be encouraged to follow this Sally Keegan path and what its like seeing the game in a different way. I ve always been a hockey player first and foremost, playing hockey is my happy place and I ve been very lucky to have spent many years playing 1st team hockey for Belper. I ve been a nervous 15 year old playing my first game, to a seasoned National League player and Captain. I ve experienced the highs of promotion and the abject lows of relegation. Playing hockey has taught me resilience, determination, the importance of team cohesion and that learning and developing never stops, no matter how old you get. As my time as a 1st team player comes to an end, Season 2022-2023 is a pivotal, transitional time for me. I love Belper Hockey club, having played here for 27 years and I believe strongly in the family environment created by this special club. This love is what first sparked my interest in coaching, the desire to give back to a club that has taught me so much as a person. Over my time at Belper I have been very lucky to play with and be coached by, some amazing people. From GB international players Anna Toman, Hollie Pearne-Webb and Sabbie Heesh to club stalwarts such as Louisa Boddy and Ruth Lane.

  5. All these players have taught me something, training and playing with so many talented people has allowed me to develop so much, constantly learning and being challenged by your team mates is such an important part of growing as a hockey player. I ve also been coached by some incredible people, Tim Barlow, Tom Sherratt, Wayne Madsen and of course, former 1st team Head Coach Craig Keegan. What is fascinating to me is that all of these coaches, whilst wildly different in approach and personality, all have the same player focused approach to their coaching. I feel that my experiences as a player and my exposure to these coaches has already begun to shape my own approach to coaching and something I aim to draw on as I look to develop my own coaching philosophy. One of the most challenging things to come to terms with as a hockey player, is the fact that eventually your physical ability no longer matches your mental ability. As a player you don t often look ahead to this when you are young, fit and nothing hurts. As you get further into your playing career you realise that you aren t invincible and that training hurts, games take 3 days to get over and juniors are way faster than you now! I would be lying if I didn t say this is mentally a very hard thing to face up to, yes I can keep playing hockey for many years to come, that is the beauty of this game, but I will very soon play my last ever National League game and when that time (eventually!) comes it will be incredibly hard emotionally, I will miss it so much. But this is another, key part, of my motivation to transition to coaching, just because I can t play at National League level doesn t mean I can t continue to be involved in the environment. Yes the challenge is different, coaching is hard, losing is perhaps even worse as a coach then it is as a player, but what a waste it would be, not to make use of the many experiences, knowledge and learning I have built up over the years.

  6. I strongly believe that more players, especially female players should seriously consider coaching, not only at the end of their playing career but during it. My own coaching at Belper started quite accidentally 4 years ago, I offered to coach the 3rd team for a one off session and ended up coaching them for the remainder of that season! First and foremost I loved the people I was working with, a mix of juniors and experienced seniors, a trademark of any good Belper team. Developing juniors, whilst also reminding senior players that they are never too old to learn something new (Julie Carter!) was what made the sessions so much fun to coach. Since then I've coached junior and senior players, led hockey camps, won the U16 Tier 2 EH cup and been 1st team assistant coach. And so here I am, my first season as Head Coach of Belper 1st team, but as all good coaches know, getting the job is only the start, I am grateful of course to Belper HC for believing in me and also investing in my development. We welcome Gareth Weaver-Tyler to the club as our new Coach Mentor, working with, not only me, but other coaches in the club, supporting, challenging and allowing us to grow as coaches and as a club. Gareth has an extensive hockey CV, including current Performance Head Coach of Durham University, as well as previous roles with both England U21 and Wales Senior women. I look to the future with excitement and motivation, grateful that I am still making my contribution to the continued development of the best club in the world!. PLAYER PROFILE

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  8. MATCH DAY SPONSOR BELPER V Jo Porter GK Kathryn Robey Alyssa Smith Sophie Hughes Karen Stevenson Jo Foster Grace Spendlove Shaz Muddeman Sophie Morange Poppy Weller Holly Rainford (C) Joanna Lane Niamh Batchford Isabelle Moriarty Hattie Bussell Mary Williams Hannah Saxton Beeston 2 THE TEAMS, OFFICIALS AND SPONSORS Head Coach: SALLY KEEGAN Assistant Coach: CHRIS BATCHFORD Manager: EMMA BATCHFORD MATCH TEAS provided by:

  9. MEET THE SQUAD LADIES 1ST TEAM 2023-2024 Ruth Lane Sally Keegan Emma Batchford Chris Batchford Head Coach: SALLY KEEGAN Manager: EMMA BATCHFORD & CHRIS BATCHFORD Match day liaison: RUTH LANE

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