Ministry of Cooperation National Cooperative Development Corporation

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NCDC provides advance loans and grant subsidies to state governments and cooperative societies. It implements flagship government schemes and has a strong track record of disbursements. Find out more about their activities and how they support cooperative development.

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Ministry of Cooperation National Cooperative Development Corporation

PowerPoint presentation about 'Ministry of Cooperation National Cooperative Development Corporation'. This presentation describes the topic on NCDC provides advance loans and grant subsidies to state governments and cooperative societies. It implements flagship government schemes and has a strong track record of disbursements. Find out more about their activities and how they support cooperative development.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. Ministryof Cooperation NationalCooperativeDevelopmentCorporation

  2. Introduction NCDC was establishedby the Parliamentunder NCDC Act, 1962. Advance loans and grant subsidies to State Governments for financing co- operative societies and also directlending to co-operative societies. Aims to provide assistance to all the bankable projects across States through its 18RegionalOffices. Disbursements have risen steadily from Rs 5700 Crore (2014-15) to Rs 34200 Crore (2021-22).Cumulativefinancial assistanceso far is Rs. 2.15 lakh crore. Implements flagship GoI schemes such as erstwhile CSISAC, FPO, PMMSY, FFPO, DIDF,FIDF,PM FME, AMI, National Livestock Mission, etc. Timeline: WorkingCapital Loan in 15 days and Term Loan in 30 days.

  3. Regional Office wise Equivalent Penetration Targets (EPT) for FY 2022-23 EPT(Population* 500) (Rs. in Crore) MobileNo of RegionalDirectors 9311765334 9311765335 9311765336 9311765337 9311765338 9311765339 9311765340 9311765341 S.No. RegionalOffice CoveredStates/UTs Karnataka MadhyaPradesh Odisha Punjab,Haryana,Jammu & Kashmir,Chandigarh TamilNadu, Puducherry Uttarakhand Gujarat,Daman& Diu Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Manipur,Meghalaya AndhraPradesh,Telangana Rajasthan West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman& Nicobar Islands UttarPradesh Bihar Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra & NagarHaveli Chhattisgarh Jharkhand HimachalPradesh Kerala, Lakshadweep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Bengaluru Bhopal Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Chennai Dehradun Gandhinagar Guwahati 3000 3600 2100 6600 3600 500 3200 2100 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Hyderabad Jaipur Kolkata Lucknow Patna Pune Raipur Ranchi Shimla Thiruvananthapuram 4600 3400 4600 10000 5000 5500 12000 1600 300 1700 73400 9311765342 9311765343 9311765344 9311765345 9311765346 9311765347 9311765348 9311765349 9311765350 9311765351 Total

  4. ActivitiesFundedbyNCDC Marketing& Inputs Assistance for MSP operations, Farm Service Centres, Agri-infrastructure, Custom Hiring Centres Industrial,Credit ,Service Coops.& Yuva Sahakar Weaker Sections Agro-Processing Dairy and Livestock, Fishery &TD Handloom, Coir, Jute, Sericulture, SC/STandWomen Cooperatives . Sugar, Textile, Oilseed, Food grains, Fruit and Vegetables and other processing. Erstwhile ICDP Supply Chain,Computerisation etc. Storage, Cold Chain, Supply Chain Consumer, Computerization and Promotionaland Development It is an integrated area-based approach taking into account the local needs andresources. WORKING CAPITAL LOAN TERM LOAN Rate of Interest 6.82% to 9.16% 10.10%to 10.57%

  5. ActivityWiseExposureof NCDC Cumulative disbursements (Rs. In Crore) Amount 126142.29 SN Activity ICDPOthers Weaker2% Sections 5% 1% % (i) Marketing& Inputs 58.49 (ii) Industrial& ServiceCoops. 43270.4 20.06 (iii) Agro-Processing (iv) WeakerSections (v) ICDP Others 28807.42 10068.02 4875.33 13.36 4.67 2.26 Agro- Processing 13% Marketing & Inputs 59% (vi) Computerisation of Cooperatives (vii) Storageand Coldchain (viii) Consumer Promotional & Developmental Activities (x) YuvaSahakar (x) FPO Total 608.25 1384.19 349.03 0.28 0.64 0.16 Industrial & Service Coops. 20% (ix) 148.06 0.07 0.32 16.37 0.00 0.01 100 215669.68

  6. LivestockProgrammeTelangana Special scheme of livestock, assistance to Telangana State Sheep and Goat DevelopmentCooperative Federation Ltd.of 8600 crore for a period of 8 year. Project aims at grounding of 7.5 lakh sheep rearing units(20 Ewes and 1 Ram- cost 1.50 lakh) benefitting 7.5 lakh cooperative members in 32 districts of Telangana. Repayment of loan spreads over a period of 8 year. Year wise repayment provision is made in statebudget by Governmentof Telangana. Other States may follow the similar model of staggering the budgetary allocation for repaymentthroughoutthe loan period .

  7. STREE NIDHI Jointly promoted by Community& Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana NCDC has provided loan to Telangana: Andhra Pradesh:Rs.3100.00crorebenefitting9.46 lakh SHGs (7.66lakh in rural & 1.80 in urban) Telangana:Rs.1200.00crore benefitting 6.26lakh SHGs (4.45lakh in rural& 1.81 in urban) Stree Nidhi Credit Co-operative Federation Ltd. of Andhra Pradesh and Stree Nidhi (Federation of MSs and TLFs) TownLevelFederations (TLFs) MandalSamakhyas (MS) Federation of SLFs (Federation of VOs) Slum Level Federations (SLFs) Village Organization (VOs) (Federation of SHGs) (Federation of SHGs) SHGs in Urban areas SHGs in Villages

  8. WorkingCapitalforProcurement NCDC provides credit for short term MSP without GovernmentGuarantees and throughStateGovernmentalso. In last financial year,NCDC has disbursedRs.30,000crore for MSP operations. In case of non- availability of Government guarantees, hypothecation of receivables and escrow mechanism of receiptof sale proceeds are acceptedas security. PACS having storage facilities can hypothecation/pledgeof stocksavailable in the godowns. and non MSP procurement with or avail assistance from NCDC on the

  9. ExposuretoApexBanksandDCCBs NCDC finances cooperative banks of some States for their short term credit requirementevery year. Total StCBs: 34, DCCBs : 352, SCARDBs : 13 In last financial year,NCDC has disbursed 3300 crore to 16 cooperativebanks. NABARDdoes not provide assistancedirectlyto PACS. NCDC is offering competitive rate of interest and it is willing to fulfil the credit requirementsof Coop banks and PACS,which is not being met throughNABARD.

  10. SpecialSchemes Yuva Sahakar (New Cooperative): Start-up support, Rate of Interest @ 2 % less than applicable rateof interest on termloan. Ayushman Sahakar (Health Cooperative): Healthcare support, Rate of Interest @ 1% less than applicable rate of interest on term loan, where women members are in majority. Nandini Sahakar (Women Cooperative): Women support , Rate of Interest @ 1% to 2% less than applicable rate of interest on term loan for all types of cooperatives, where women membersare in majority.

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